Note: Linked to Alt+Tab replacement for Windows 7? but not a duplicate, here the requirement is more specific, see below.

On Windows 7, I know ALT+TAB and WIN+TAB, the latter giving a 3D view like:

Aero flip 3D

How to have a flat (and not 3D) mosaic / grid of all open windows? without having to do something like ALT+TAB and then hold ALT? In a similar way than Mac four fingers swipe "Mission Control":

Mission control

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    Does this answer your question? Alt+Tab replacement for Windows 7? Jul 23, 2021 at 11:25
  • @JeffZeitlin It's definitely linked, but my question is more specific to a specific behaviour similar to Mac Mission Control (flat 2D mosaic of all apps, without holding a key).
    – Basj
    Jul 23, 2021 at 11:28

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If you just want the list of windows without holding Alt then why don't just press Alt+Ctrl+Tab?


After some research, I finally found a simple solution with AutoHotkey:

~RCtrl:: AltTabMenu

This displays a 2D grid (like if we hold ALT+TAB) permanently, until we click on a thumbnail, when pressing on right CTRL key.

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