I wanted to create a batch file that will enable or disable write protection. Basically, 2 batch files, one to enable and the other to disable write protection. I used to do it manually in CMD by using these commands.

Step 1: Start CMD In Administrater Mode

Step 2: Type Diskpart

Step 3: Type list volume

Step 4: Type select volume 5

Step 5: Type attributes volume set readonly OR attributes volume clear readonly

A batch file that does it will be much better but I have zero knowledge about that. I searched on the internet and managed to create a batch file that open up diskpart but couldn't go any further.

here's the code for that:




Now, how do I make it to list volumes?

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You can accomplish this by using diskpart scripts. You would call diskpart /s yourscript.txt. You would type your commands into the script file like you normally would manually.

Depending on your familiarity with PowerShell, you would get better control using PowerShell Get-Disk / Get-Partition


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