I have an Excel file with map charts to monitor wildfires from a national database. I create maps of e.g. number of fires per administrative region, for different years. I insert the map for say 2019 in PowerPoint for a presentation, and I go to file>info>Edit-links-to-files>break-link, so that the map doesn't change when i chose 2020 in the original excel file.

That works for other types of charts, but the map-charts keep refreshing, even after breaking the link. I've also tried a paste special as a "Microsoft Office Graphic Object", and breaking the link, but no sucess. I could paste as a picture of course, but I need other people in my organization to be able to change e.g. color scale, labels, etc.

I didn't find any reference to that issue, someone is experiencing the same ? Any solution ? Thanks a lot !

  • I download a workbook with several map chart examples from "Create a Map chart in Excel", I also insert map charts as "Microsoft Office Graphic Object" from Paste Special, but if I break the links, the charts in prenseation could not be updated. Even I click Update Now button, there would be a pormpt, that the linked file isn't avaliable. I suggest you test in a new presnseation.
    – Emily
    Jul 26, 2021 at 5:52

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Just do (in power point) :

After paste > (bottom right) Choose : Picture

That should do. Please share if it works/not.

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