Sorry for this, probably, simple question. I'm creating a word document for which I have to add three different indexes: (1) Figures, (2) Tables and (3) Content (in this order). So far, I have been able to create the Figure's index, but have been unable to get any further. I have tried everything I found on the internet (except separating my document into different chapters and add a summary to each one), but each time, Word asks me if I want to upgrade the existing (Figures) index (even if I'm using a different tag for Tables), yielding only two possibilities: accept or reject. When I click "accept" the table remains the same, that is, only with the figures' info, without including the "Tables" ones. Any suggestion?

  • See my response. I've provided some web resources but it would help if I had more information about how you are trying to do this. Aug 22, 2021 at 15:07
  • A sample document (excerpt from your problem document with at least a couple of tables and figures and the three indices you are trying to create) would help. You can save such a document on OneDrive or DropBox and post a link in an edit to your question. Here is an article explaining how to create such a sample without sharing confidential or proprietary information. answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/… Aug 22, 2021 at 15:07

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You will find on-line documentation for these under "Table of Contents" and "Table of Figures," not under "Index."

All three of the things you are looking for are done using the TOC Field

Different switches control what is shown. (TOC and TOF styles control how it looks.)

Here is my writing on the Table of Contents and Table of Figures. Here is Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill's excellent article on TOC Tips and Tricks.

When you post back with more information, I will give more specific direction. Please edit your question with the following information:

  • Exact field that you are using. You can see this by toggling display of field codes. (Alt+F9 or Fn+Alt+F9 in Windows) Dealing with Fields (my article)
  • Are you using the Caption feature in Word to identify your Figures and Tables? This works with the Table of Figures/Table of Captions.
  • What is your operating system? Windows? Mac? Version?

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