I have to download some VERY large files from Microsoft overnight for a few days as I am on a relative low download speed in the UK countryside.

However, I am concerned about the energy consumption over this period. I have tried to put my laptop in sleep mode while downloading, but it does not seem to work. The download just shuts off and pauses.

I have tried to shut off the display to nothing with the blue-function key then the left and right arrows. That seems to work for about an hour, but if I leave it for more than an hour like that then I have to reset the machine, because I cannot get back into it otherwise. If I leave it at 1 notch above complete blackness, then that seems to work ok. However, 1 notch above zero still seems to produce a lot of light; something I would not like to have in my bedroom while I tried to sleep.

Can I download in sleep mode in some way?

What can I do so my computer is on minimal energy output during these periods? (The laptop will be doing nothing except downloading.)

Please help.

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If you wish to blank your screen when you are not working with the computer, choose the "Blank" screen-saver.

This is done at Start > Change screen saver. You can test it using the Preview button.

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Also try Nirsoft (nirsoft.net) Monitor OFF (batch file and monitor is completely black.

Nirsoft app is nircmd.exe

C:\Applications and Technical\NirCommand

Then make a batch file:

"c:\applications and technical\nircommand\nircmd" monitor off

This is a nice method because you can turn the monitor OFF on demand when you are finished your work.

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