I'm trying to create a filled plus sign and an empty transparent plus sign in Photoshop. I've been able to create the filled sign with ease, by creating a green vertical rectangle, duplicating it, and rotating it by 90 degrees.

Filled plus sign

However, I don't know how to convert the filled sign into a transparent and outlined shape. Here's what I've done so far:

  1. I duplicated the filled plus sign to create a new one that I will modify
  2. I changed the fill percentage of the new sign to 0%, removing the green fill
  3. I added a 3px stroke effect to both of the rectangles, creating the outline.

However, this stroke that I created interests in the middle of the two rectangles. I don't want the intersection to be visible.

Just in case I'm not explaining myself well, here's what I have now:

Current outline effect - I want to get rid of the intersection

Here's what I want to achieve:

Desired outline effect

What is the best way to achieve that?



Here's what I did:

  1. Duplicate the filled plus
  2. Select the two layers the duplicated rectangles are on
  3. Merge the layers
  4. Set the fill of the resulting layer to 0%
  5. Add a stroke effect

The key step was merging the rectangles into a combined shape.

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