How would I add a parameter to the default program that I’m wanting to set?

I love the ShareX image editor and I would like to make it the default image editor for Windows 10.

However, when I select the ShareX.exe process, it just processes the image like it would a normal capture instead of opening the image editor.

Instead, There is the -imageeditor “file path” command.

How would I set “C:\Program Files\ShareX\ShareX.exe” -imageeditor as the default handler for image files?

Thanks in advance!


You can use a tool like Default Programs Editor to do the job: https://defaultprogramseditor.com/

  1. First, Select "File Type Settings".
  2. Then select "Context Menu".
  3. Now in the search box type the file extension of the image file, e.g. ".png" and click Next
  4. Click on "Edit" in the list and click Edit Selected Command at the bottom.
  5. Now, in the "Program Path" box type in the following: "C:\Program Files\ShareX\ShareX.exe" -imageeditor "%1"
  6. Click Next and then click Save Context Menu

Now whenever you right-click a png file (or whichever file extensions you did the above steps for) and click "Edit" it should open up with the ShareX editor.

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    That worked! Thank you! It Also opens with it by double-clicking and anything. Sep 11 at 1:32

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