I have a dual boot Windows 10 / Fedora 34, and surprisingly, my Windows' partition needs more space.

So, I booted a GParted live USB and I realized that I have a small NTFS partition (and 1MiB of unallocated space but that shouldn't be a problem) in between my W10 partition and my Fedora 34 partition, so is it still possible to move like 150-200Gb from p6 to unallocated to p5 to p4 ? (see the screenshot)

screenshot of my GParted

I have no idea what is this p5, except it should be related to Windows as it's NTFS.

I also read on GParted's doc this:

Notice the unallocated space between sda1 and sda2. This gap, which can be up to about 8 MiB, occurs due to having cylinder aligned and MiB aligned partitions on the same disk device. In this example, the sda1 partition was created with cylinder alignment to demonstrate this potential gap.

I'm worried because it says "up to about 8 MiB", and in my case it would not one but two, and the 2nd one having a bit less than 800 MiB (+ unknown purpose)

My last resort option would be to just resize p6 to the space I need, and then format the unallocated space created to NTFS, so (I think?) it would be recognized by W10 as a second and usable hard drive, basically a D:/

I'm looking forward your opinions and advices!


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