I want to find the necessary attribute through the command's help output. How to do it? Output like this: help output

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Let's say you are looking for the /H switch:

Program.exe /? |find /i "/h"

Program.exe --help |find /i "/H"

That should only show you the line where there is an "/H" occurrence.

Some programas also accept:

program.exe /h /? program.exe /h --help


Let's say I want to find the flags available for the a command within the terminal. For brevity, let's pick "replace".

You can type either of the following:

help replace | findstr "\/" 
help replace | find "/"

to find all lines that have a forward slash (backslash is used to escape the forward slash).

Below an example with findstr and regex to filter network connections:

 netstat -n | findstr -r "127.*"

Both find and findstr serve the same purpose but findstr is newer and supports regex. To learn about the difference, you can check this answer in SuperUser.

Image showing output of help replace | findstr "/"

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