My disk Partition C is almost full so I am trying to increase it's size but Windows is not allowing me to do so in spite having 195GB unallocated space!

Diskmgmt screenshot

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The unallocated space is in the wrong place. You may only extend a partition downwards, so this space must follow the partition of C.

You need to boot a partition editor, since you cannot move C while also booting from it. Then you will need to move E down to overwrite the unallocated space. This will move this space between D and E. Repeat this for D to have the unallocated space follow C.

You should then boot into Windows and resize C. It is best to resize Windows using Windows. The bootable partition editor might possibly make a mistake when handling sensitive Windows files.

This operation is dangerous, in the sense that a mistake can make the disk unbootable. It is best to take a backup image of the disk and have a bootable media of the backup program that can restore it in case of a severe problem (and to test it before starting).

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