I am sure I had same issue with Windows 10 and solved it. Now I can't solve it with Windows 11.

I have English (United Kingdom) language which is also locale language. I don't have English (United States) anywhere - see pictures.

However my keyboard with English UK is US. In Windows 10 it was not a problem - I had only one keyboard (US) with English UK language.

In Windows 11 I have now two keyboards if I use switch shortcut but in the settings there is only one keyboard and I can't delete the second one as it's not there.

To recap: I want to have ENG English (United Kingdom) US keyboard and remove ENG English (United States) US keyboard. All "duplicate" questions are not applicable here because I do not have ENG English (United States) language anywhere in the system.

So again - I need UK English language with US keyboard layout and nothing else.

Removing Preview key from registry doesn't work - it is back as soon as I sign in.

Keyboard layouts when I press Ctrl+Shift

Keyboard layouts when I press Ctrl+Shift

Language settings - only UK

Language settings - only UK

UK Language options

UK Language options


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If you have any additional keyboard layout:

enter image description here

That belongs to language that you don't have installed:

enter image description here

Then simply:

  1. Install that language (English (United Kingdom) in the above example)
  2. Go to language details and install the keyboard layout (Polish (Programmers) in here)
  3. Uninstall the whole language language pack

After that pressing Win+Space should reveal only languages and keyboard layouts that you have actually installed in your system.

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    Thanks, this fixed it for me too. So just to clarify for other readers, if you manually add the language + keyboard combination that you want to remove, then after you remove that language, then it will no longer show up.
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I have the same issue with other languages: I have a German Keyboard and a German system but I'm forced to have a US English language layout.

Since I very often press Windows+Space accidentally, I end up changing the layout by accident.

Sadly, I can't remove English as language since my only existing language is German.

However, I found that installing the US language and then removing it, solved it for me.


This did the trick for me.

Settings or Win+i > Time & language > Typing > Advanced Keyboard settings

Check Use the desktop language bar when it’s available.

Then click Language bar options below, under language bar check Hidden.

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I had a similar issue on Windows 11. My installed layouts were:

  1. English / US layout
  2. German / DE layout
  3. German / US layout <-- I don't want this!

I want only #1 + #2, but not #3 (German with US layout).

To remove #3, go to Settings (Win+i) > Time & Language > Language & Region. In the "Language" section at the top, there were two entries:

  1. English (United States)
  2. German (Germany) <-- configure this one

enter image description here

Click on the "..." icon next to the "German (Germany)" entry, select "Language Options". On the new page, scroll down to the "Keyboards" section. There were two entries:

  • German QWERTZ
  • German QWERTY (US) <-- remove this

Click on the "..." icon next to the "German QWERTY" entry and select "Remove".

enter image description here (Note: I took this screenshot after the German QWERTY entry was already removed, so it actually shows the desired end state.)



So to specify, what worked for me was installing exactly what I wanted to get rid of: US language with a UK keyboard layout, and the other way round. Once installed (and/or added the language and keyboard layout) I removed the keyboard from the list and uninstalled the language pack.

Now, all the extra keyboards were gone!

So it seems that Windows adds some phantom keyboards/language packs and, since they are not properly installed/added, we can't remove them. So to remove them, we need to install them (language packs) and add them (keyboards) and only then can we remove them.

Big thanks to everyone for your solutions - I put all that together and figured out mine.

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