I want to display more Most Visited pages in google chrome, currently only 9 pages are being displayed, how can I increase them to 12 or 20 ??


The Dev Channel build of Chrome does offer a more customisable New Tab Page but this doesn't allow you to change the number of thumbnails.

So I don't think you can change the number of pages you see.


In case someone is still looking for this functionality, you can use Speed Dial extension for Chrome. However, I have not yet found a way to use the most visited websites automatically.


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    Just to make it clear, for anyone unfamiliar with Speed Dial, you have to manually choose the sites -- despite the assumptions of some chromium developers, it's not an equivalent replacement for the Most Visited sites feature. – drfrogsplat May 22 '12 at 1:47
  • The one thing that makes me suspicious, all this extensions require "access all data on you pages" permissions, which seems fishily. – Johnny_D Nov 7 '13 at 21:20

There may be a way to do this by writing an extension (I have not seen any yet though).

There's a topSites API that gives access to the Titles and URLs of the "Most Visited" pages (I think currently only 20 are tracked).

The thumbnails may be available via chrome://thumb/URL. I'm not sure if you can actually access the thumbs from extensions though.

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