I have been using the following command to copy between a linux machine and a mac and it works fine:

scp -r /home/ubuntu/Desktop/somefolder username@ipaddress:/Users/username/Documents/somefolder

But now I would like to copy over to an external drive on the mac and have tried the following:

scp -r /home/ubuntu/Desktop/somefolder username@ipaddress:/Volumes/MyDrive/somefolder

But it gives me Operation not permitted. I have macOS Big Sur and this must have something with permissions. When I created the somefolder folder on the external drive I was asked to approve it with a password.

Any idea how to get around this?

Btw the reason I am doing this and not connecting the external drive directly to the Linux machine, is that it has no working usb ports to connect an external drive to it.

Edit: I changed the permissions on the external drive to read write for my user and also did the same for the Volumes folder. Now my user on the mac can create a folder without giving a password. But still no luck with the scp command.


This fixed the problem: Had to go to System Preferences on the mac and select: Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Full Disk Access and tick the box in front of:


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