I have a notebook where some keys on the keyboard are not working, such as: Esc, Caps Lock and '

the keyboard's Esc and Caps Lock key doesn't make that much difference to me, my big problem is triggering the double quotes. To activate it it is necessary to press the key Shift+' which doesn't result in anything!

I looked for some third-party programs to remap or create shortcuts for these keys, but there are disadvantages with using the keys simultaneously: Ctrl, Alt and Shift of not being able to remap them!

I would like to know if there is any way to create shortcut keys on the keyboard itself (or using programs) to trigger these specific keys?

I know that if I press the Fn+Alt+34 keys I will have the double quotes (") but these are too much shortcuts for quick action, as I write lines and lines of code, it wouldn't be very dynamic for me.

I could simply replace the keyboard with another one and fix the problem, however, the keyboard is not easy to remove and is fixed with plastic studs (which by the way are very dry, so I would run the risk of placing the new keyboard, the same not being fixed and result in +1 problem)

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