I have a very strange problem with my wireless routers, or linux. I have 2 wireless routers one directly connected to my modem (router 1) and another wireless router (router 2) on the 2nd floor connected to router 1 without cables and configured as a repeater bridge. Router 1 is configured to broadcast the ssid and have been set up to use wpa-personal and router 2 has the same configuration as router 1 plus a virtual interface. I am able to connect to both routers from all my windows boxes, but I fail to connect from linux (I have tried with 2 different laptops without luck). What is very strange is that I can't see the routers when I scan but I am able to see my neighbors routers. I have tried to turn off router 2 to see if it had an impact, but no luck. I know that I am able to connect to a wireless router since I have had success with that at work.

Router 1 is a Siemens se551 (with default firmware) and router 2 is a linksys wrt54g (running DD-WRT build 13064).

Hope that someone can help, so that I can install linux on my new netbook and get rid of Windows 7 starter . . .

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  • Some more detail such as Linux distro / version would be helpful. – Nathan Osman Jul 27 '10 at 20:38
  • Well I have tried with different linux distributions, suse 11, ubuntu 9.x, kubuntu 9.x and 10.x and kubuntu 10.x for netbook. It seems as if the fact that I have connected to the router from Windows from the same machine has an impact. – user44313 Jul 28 '10 at 6:39

I solved the problem after installing kismet on the computer and analyzing the results. I found that the routers were set to use channel 13 (it was set to automatic) and an iwlist wlan0 channel reviled that channel 13 was not available. I changed the channel to 1 and now it all works.

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