I've noticed lately that some of my images that I've uploaded to Imgur have looked slightly blurry. The originals look crisp and accurate. I didn't attempt to solve the issue because it was kind of a minor thing, but today I looked into it a little deeper.

I thought this was an Imgur thing, but then I directly opened the image in chrome by dragging it to my open Chrome window, and... yup, still blurry.

If I open the same image in Firefox, there is no blur at all and the image looks crisp and perfect.

Here is a screenshot to test with:


If you're on Firefox, it will look crystal clear. If you're on Chrome, the text will have a strange subtle blur to it (unless the bug is unique to my setup).

Here's a screenshot of that same image I've taken while open in Chrome (This will show the blur I'm talking about in any browser):

Blurred Image

Finally, Here's a combined comparison (Note, open this in a browser other than Chrome or the whole thing will have a slight blur):


Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is there some kind of setting in Chrome that is causing this?

I would really appreciate any help!

Edit: A comment suggested I had somehow zoomed the page in Chrome. I did not. Here is an additional image to illustrate the different image rendering between Firefox and Chrome that also shows I am at 100% zoom.:

No Page Zoom

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I think you zoomed in slightly in Google Chrome. You may have done this for a single page or for every page by default.

One Page Zoom

To reset the zoom to the default, use this keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+0

You can also reset the zoom by clicking on the icon shown below and then clicking on "Reset":

Google Chrome :: Reset Zoom

Default Page Zoom

To set the page zoom to 100% for the whole browser, go to Settings » Appearance » Page zoom and choose "100%":

Google Chrome :: Settings :: Appearance :: Page zoom

  • This is not the case. Please see my edited post above. It shows the zoom at 100% and I still get the blur.
    – Jay
    Nov 8, 2021 at 23:49

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