In PyCharm, I have created a new Python project with its own venv environment.

But, for some reason, executing pip install ... in PyCharm's terminal uses the systemwide Python installation instead of the venv. Therefore, I cannot import the package from PyCharm's "Python Console", which does use the venv interpreter as expected.

Running python via the terminal starts the system interpreter as well. The command line prompt shows the (venv) prefix and I have deactivated my Anaconda environment via conda deactivate. I am running PyCharm on Windows. No error message is shown.

enter image description here

Anybody with the same experience?


Turned out the error is in the blacked-out path: One of the folders contains special characters in its name. And although spaces and hyphens are generally not a problem, it's a different story for non-ASCII characters like German umlauts. Apparently, PyCharm can handle them - but not venv.

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