When I switch between tasks in Alt + Tab, the Edge browser shows all tabs as a separate tasks while other web browsers do not. Can I change this Edge behavior like other web browsers?

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  1. Open Windows SettingsSystemMultitasking
  2. In Multitasking settings, scroll down to Pressing Alt+Tab shows
  3. In the menu, select Open Windows Only.

enter image description here

Like so.


This setting in Windows 11 is slightly different. Here are the steps for Windows 11:

  1. Open Settings from the Start Menu
  2. Click on System from the left-hand menu
  3. Click on Multitasking from the list of settings
  4. Under “Show tabs from apps when snapping or pressing Alt+Tab“, select Don’t show tabs. Select Don’t show tabs when using Alt Tab

You can also do the same using Registry Editor, Group Policy Editor and Command line. All these additional steps are discussed in this article.

  • Stupid dev.'s..... "Show tabs from apps" has a very different meaning..... What they mean is, "Show tabs from within apps", or something along those lines.....
    – Andrew
    Oct 12, 2023 at 21:20

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