I have a high dpi book scan which is very slow to read, probably owing to the fact that it has all gradation and colourful goodness of the pages and text. I want to get rid of everything extra and basically, make it into a 1 bit black & white format, in hopes of making it faster. I see a lot of old free books online that have this format, and they run fast enough.

How can I do it, preferably with just Adobe Acrobat Pro and nothing else?

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In Acrobat Pro, choose:


  • File -> Export to -> Image -> png
  • In the "Save as" dialogue which opens, open the "Settings..."
  • set Colorspace to Monochrome. You might have to experiment with Resolution in order to optimize between size and readability.
  • Click OK to close settings. Choose an empty folder and click "Save". This will save each page as a separate image.


  • Then, go to File -> Create -> Combine files into a single pdf
  • Click "Add Files", and choose all the images you've saved in the previous step.
  • On the next screen, you might want to adjust the settings. Then click "Combine"
  • Save the created pdf. Finished.

SIDE NOTE You might also want to consider to do an OCR Text recognition, but it usually needs extensive correction of the result.

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