i have a hard drive, with 2 partitions.

drive C:, D:, and ofcourse my dvd-rom drive which is E:

i have a compressed file on my D: and its roughly 1.3 gigs, but when i try to decompress it to the same D: drive, it comes back and says I don't have enough space on my C: drive, and suddenly, i have 0bytes available.

i went to disk cleanup, cleared out my temp, but i only got 500megs out of that.

what the heck just happened?! ive never ever seen this before!


WinRAR's temp directory is probably pointing at %TEMP% (which is likely on your C: drive). Unfortunately I'm not on a Windows machine so I can't tell you the exact location to change this, but there should be an option in WinRAR's settings to configure the temp directory's location.

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  • Select Options > Settings and then click on the Paths tab. That'll point you to your temp folder. – Uninspired Jul 28 '10 at 22:18

Open WinRAR, then go to Options->Settings (Ctrl+S). Switch to "Paths" tab, there you can change the path for "Folder for temporary files". I leave it blank, so that temporary files are created within current folder.

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