I have 2 keyboard layouts (Russian and English) on my Windows laptop. It often happens that I start printing some symbols using the wrong layout.

And typically what I do is

  1. delete already entered text
  2. change the keyboard layout
  3. reprint the text with the right layout.

Is it possible to automate this process? For example, select some text, hit some hotkeys so it will automatically modify symbols according to the next keyboard layout. Maybe there is a specific tool for it?

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I do not believe there is a native way to do this within Windows. However, there does appear to be a piece of software called Ochepyatka which allows you to do this.

From their website:

Using Ochepyatka you can convert text between different keyboard layouts within a second! Just select an incorrect text fragment and press appropriate keyboard shortcut - the program will make some magic and fix your text immediately!

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