How do you cycle through notebook windows in Mathematica 7?

Is there a shortcut?

The help system doesn't help.


On Mac you can use the system shortcut Command+` to cycle through the windows of an application, which works with Mathematica notebooks.

On Windows, you can use Ctrl+F6 to cycle through open notebooks, but only in one direction.

See also the list of keyboard shortcuts.

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    Shift + Ctrl + F6 cycles in the other direction (Mathematica 9 under Windows 7) – gdelfino May 8 '14 at 14:07

A bit late but ...

There exists two Front End commands : "CycleNotebooksBackward" and "CycleNotebooksForward", but AFAIK there is no shortcut assigned. Yoy may construct your own.

See this answer for more shortcuts.



You may be also interested in this Martin's answer in the official newsgroup which explains how to bind CTRL+Tab key for switching between opened notebooks:

One only has to add the following lines to the "KeyEventTranslations.tr" file in order to have the Ctrl+Tab key working in the front end of Mathematica 8 as in Mathematica 4:

Item[KeyEvent["Tab", Modifiers -> {Control}], FrontEndExecute[FrontEndToken["CycleNotebooksForward"]]]

But this is really undocumented by Wolfram Research, I wonder why ...

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