I'm using Internet Explorer as the default browser. (Firefox is not an option).

There are some web apps that I like but whose layout and workflow does not quite agree with me.

Given that I am merely a visitor to the website, is it possible to insert jQuery into the webpages I'm browsing so that I can re-arrange the web content and call the javascript functions included? Sort of like using jQuery as a scripting language for IE?


On Firefox we have Greasemonkey. Another project was inspired by it.


As Ignacio notes, using Greasemonkey is often an approach people use to manipulate the content of a website only for their own client.

Getting Greasemonkey into Internet Explorer has been discussed already, but to summarize:

  • There is now a Greasemonkey equivalent for Internet Explorer, called Trixie.
  • Then there's IE7Pro, which provides similar functionality.

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