There are 4 custom style sets that used in my organization. I notice that Table Styles are not applied through style sets. I also have several users reporting that numbering breaks after applying a style set. It's behaving as if the List Styles are not applied.

What are the limitations of using Style Sets?

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As answered in the Microsoft Answers forum.

Hi Matt,

First, see my analysis of [Quick] Style Sets.

There is much more there than I care to write here.

  • Only styles that are in the Quick Style Gallery are included in [Quick] Style Sets.
  • Table Styles are not included.
  • List Styles are not included. Further, if your multilevel list is applied to paragraph style that are in the [Quick] Style Set, the numbering may still break. See:
  1. A Global StyleSheet in Microsoft Word? and the example

  2. Outline Heading Styles Global Stylesheet Add-In

The best way to have numbering for new documents is likely to have document templates, perhaps Workgroup Templates that already contain the numbering, set up following the directions in How to create numbered headings or outline numbering in Ribbon Versions of Word by Shauna Kelly.

The Add-In copies numbered paragraph styles so set up in a multilevel list without copying the multilevel list, itself. It copies them using the Organizer and copies them three times in order to maintain the linkages.

For Tables, you may be able to use Quick Tables which are Building Blocks. It is not the same as applying a table style, but may allow some uniformity.

When working with these tools, remember to use Theme Colors (and fonts). That will allow you to quickly change looks.

Links, other than the one to the parallel answer and the one to Shauna Kelly's page, are to my website.

Please review this link on cross-posting etiquette and follow that advice.

I modified your question title to specify that these are Quick Style Sets. This helps us remember some of their limitations.

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