in windows 10 I've just installed python 3.10 from official python site. But invoking python from cmd or powershell.exe, I got microsoft store opened showing python download instead.
The path C:\Users\mhd\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps where python.exe resides already in my environment variable. Any clue? Thanks.

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It sounds like you're Python installation isn't registered at the command line.

This is can be done through the Python installer when installing by opting to add Python to your Windows Environment Path variables. Note that User Paths (created under your User folder) will not be available to all users, whereas System Paths (typically created outside your Users folders) often will be.

Also be aware that with User or System Path variables, you may need to reboot Explorer (explorer.exe) to have e.g. python available from all folders at the command line. You can restart any explorer.exe processes from Task Manager manually, but you can simply reboot the PC as well.

Note that since you have already installed Python, you can likely simply add the path to your Python installation manually to your System Path variables.

You can double check that e.g. python is registered at the command line correctly by typing where python in a non-PowerShell cmd Window. The first path returned should be for your Python installation. If it isn't, then you may need to alter your Path variables so that your installation comes first in order entries.

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