Here is my situation. I have error as unknown disk on external hard drive from USB (hdd not ssd) after optimization and windows explorer failure (just process hanged in Windows10, and after kill explorer process and run again not helped, then tried to run OS again, but was impossible, then on laptop was hard reset). After reset 2 partitions are like "Unknown" (no information about space, no dirs, etc. just suggestion to format disc as new - after provide pass to bitlocker for unblock). 3th partition is ok, but no encrypted by bitlocker. For 2 looks not recognizing file system. I have problem to restore this partitions as working previous. Not sure what to do.

I know about repair-bde, but looks it want copy whole data to other disk, that don't have as many TeraBytes. Also other tools want do recover data described as NTFS1, NTFS2, NTFS3 with check-boxes, much more data to restore as whole disc (eg. iBoysoft Bitlocker Recovery).

How to fix problem? I just want back the partitions with data for my backup disc, not buying next disc to backuping from this and create next backup.

  • EDIT:1 After change disc to other laptop, 1st time OS works, but hang, and after reset have error: 0x000014c about lost Boot Configuration Data, File:\Boot\BCD (window 8.1 was on not encrypted). After back to USB port this drive and partition is also unavailable and to format.
    – BlenderMan
    Dec 30 '21 at 14:12

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