I am setting up a single Win10 computer that I want multiple staff (eg. 4) to have local access to, each with their own local user account.

Our organization uses Google Apps (whatever the Enterprise version is, I think "G Suite"), and we routinely need to download/upload to our shared Google Drives. So it is best to actually mount the gDrive on the computer using the Google-Drive local app (not just the web interface).

The question is:

  • Can I set up each local user to log into the local Google-Drive app with their own Google Drive login? Seems to me like this wouldn't work well because gDrive mounts a virtual-drive, which, in theory, would be present between ALL local logins, and thus clash between local Google-Drive instances of different local user. I would prefer this solution since it retains permissions for each user.
  • If not the above, can I have one "superuser" load gDrive and mount the drive, which is then read/write accessible to all local users? In this case, I would need gDrive to load regardless of which user is logged in, and all local accounts have access. In this case I would make a new Google Apps user just for this purpose, with limited access to only the required shared drives.

(If no real solution exists for gDrive with multiple local accounts, then I will just make them use the web interface - a bit annoying for our use-case of downloading and then uploading files to the shared folders - but it will work at least.)


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    Google drive works fine with multiple users in a single computer without any cross talk issues. This seems like something that is trivial to test and learn for yourself simply by testing. So what have you tried? Jan 5 at 4:15
  • Not that trivial to test - if it doesn’t work, It could take hours or days to fix multi-users issues like this. I explained the logic behind why it think it would NOT work. Does google drive unmount the logical drive upon user switch? I have microchips to make, can’t waste time on computer issues that could have been avoided. What kind of question and answer site tells their users to just answer the question themselves? I’m pretty sure someone on SE has tried this before and could save me lots of time. Have you actually tried this or are you guessing? If you tried yourself, post an answer
    – Demis
    Jan 8 at 17:30
  • I don't mean problems are trivial. I mean it will take 5 minutes or less to install Google Drive on a PC, set it up with one user, log in with a new user, log in to Google Drive, and see if that logical drive was unmounted. Jan 9 at 6:00
  • Further, I can say with some authority, having run Google Drive on personal computers with multiple users, that I never saw the data for another user on my own login, or mine in theirs. I don't know where you get the idea that this is at all a thing. If a cloud drive utility couldn't handle normal multi user setups that would be laughable and there would be no reason for it to exist. Especially given that Google markets a variant of this for enterprise systems, where such cross user data visibility would be a serious security issue. Jan 9 at 6:05

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