I want the shell activity content (e.g. the output of ls, whoami) to be shown on the terminal screen after running and quitting a full-screen process (e.g. less, vim).
They are all removed/cleared when I use cmder with ssh connecting to Ubuntu 18.04.
But they are shown as expected on:

  • Putty with ssh connection
  • cmder without ssh connection
  • cmder with ssh connection then run screen having altscreen on

My question is similar to these posted questions:
keep-conemu-screen-buffer-after-exiting-vim, conemu-ssh-clears-console-history
But those solutions of export TERM=xterm or export TERM=cygwin didn't work on my setup. So I wonder what could cause my setup of "cmder with ssh" to clear the terminal screen.

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Apparently the problem is caused by the conemu console buffer. After turning off the BufferHeight setting, the shell activity would not be removed when quitting a full-screen process on "cmder with ssh".

Turn off buffer height

However, this setting will disable the activity buffer for screen scrolling, which can be another problem.

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