I have set-up a VSFTPD and it's working, however there is a little problem with the permissions that is acting wierd.

If I access the FTP user I created I can see all folders, subfolders and files inside of them correctly. However unless I give the folder public permission (chmod 777) the folder and It's contents cannot be seen by the FTP client (in this case, filezilla).

As a resume:

  • I can create, upload into any folder/subfolder using filezilla
  • When I create a folder through filezilla it's permissions are "drwx------"
  • When I create a folder through server console it's permissions are "drwxr-xr-x" and I can access them through filezilla
  • I can't access the folder and see It's contents through filezilla, but I can through the server console using the same user.

Filezilla screenshot

Console screenshot

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