Here's what happens:

I'm in an ssh session in Windows Terminal (Version: 1.11.3471.0, Windows 10 20H2).

I need to step away from my machine, so I lock it by typing Windows-L.

When I come back, usually after an hour or so, and unlock the machine, the tab with the ssh session in it is completely non-responsive. By that I mean that it doesn't respond to keyboard input at all. It's not that I've been logged out of the remote, just dead. No errors or anything in the terminal.

I know that the machine wasn't asleep because the monitor was displaying a pretty picture when I logged in to find the situation I described above. However, it's possible that it tried to go to sleep while I was away.

This happens fairly often, maybe every time I lock the machine for a while.

Any ideas as to why that's happening and how I might prevent it?



It is because the sessions are closed when no data is transmitted (something like your firewall or load-balancer is dropping idle sessions)

Check these two links for a solution:

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