i have a MBP 2019 with the characteristics listed below. It has the identified issue by which when a second monitor is connected to it, the GPU temperature grows very fast triggering a "defense" mechanism implemented by Apple to reduce it; it uses a process called "kernel_task" which emulates consuming all available core resources until the temperature drops (in the meantime, computer is of course unusable)

I'm connecting the MBP using an adapter from USB-C to DisplayPort and finally the DisplayPort to the monitor itself, an LG 27'' 4K, identified in the market as "LG 27UL500"

Someone mentioned when i asked in the Apple Forums to try DisplayLink to avoid the issue mentioned before. I would like to ask you first if i understood correctly, in very broad terms, what DisplayLink does: a kernel driver must be installed in my MBP which in turn will work along with a physical device (dock station) which will use the CPU to do the rendering for the extended display INSTEAD of the GPU that uses now for the same purpose. Is this correct?

If so, what dock station do you recommend me to buy? Below are my MBP specs.

Link to issue described in Apple forums: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/251715169

enter image description here


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