I have New D-Link cat 6 stranded 20 meter LAN cable on which I want to run my internet connection. Problem is that I'm unable run it on 1 Gbps speed only running at 100 Mbps. While the LAN cable (solid) 1 meter provided by the router manufacturer is doing good.

The RJ 45 connection made by me is very good no loose wires , all 8 wires are fully deep in RJ 45 CONNECTOR, each wire is giving DC electric signal to other end of the wire, still I'm unable to find the problem.

Edit 1 :- I'm using random colour combinations but both the ends have similar colour code , so the pattern is straight through ( no crossover cabling is used)

Edit 2 :- After following T- 568B colour code my ethernet speed problem is solved. Earlier I'm being extra smart for not giving any importance to T-568B standard .

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    What pattern did you use? Edit your question instead of submitting a comment
    – Ramhound
    Jan 15 at 3:20

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The twisted pairs matter for noise cancellation purposes.

  • Pin 1 must be on the same twisted pair as pin 2.
  • Pin 3 must be on the same twisted pair as pin 6 (Yes, 6).
  • Pin 4 & 5.
  • Pin 7 & 8.

Just follow EIA/TIA-568B on both ends like everyone else does.

  • Thanks Spiff following TIA-568B solved my problem . Jan 15 at 5:42
  • @BusyBusiness Great. Click the checkmark next to my Answer to accept it as the answer that solved it for you. This will mark your question as resolved.
    – Spiff
    Jan 15 at 5:47

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