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Hi guys, I've been scratching my head for this one. I followed many guides out there to the letter. (I'm not an experienced server/tech guy, I just follow steps, so pardon my ignorance).

At the end of following all the steps, docker-compose --version still yields line 1: Not: command not found.

Pretty confused what to do to get docker-compose up. Supposedly, docker-compose comes installed on Synology when installing docker through the package manager, but I can't even get pass this step. Any ideas?

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Because you downloaded it in the local folder try typing :

./docker-compose --version

when not specifying ./ the executable should be inside a directory included in the $PATH environment variable (e.g. /usr/local/bin, /usr/bin, /bin, ... )


Did you try running docker-compose after installing Docker from the package center before tinkering with this? I remember having to do some of these manual steps in the past but it looks like docker-compose is installed with Docker these days. I did spin up a virtual dsm 6.2 and 7 before writing this and installed docker through the package center and docker-compose was installed.

Out of the box it comes like this: virtual DSM 6.2 has Docker 20.10.3 and compose 1.28.5 virtual DSM 7 has docker 20.10.3 and compose 1.28.5

You might try removing docker from the package center and installing it again. In my example /var/packages/Docker/target/usr/bin has all the files including docker-compose. also maybe check if your manual downloaded docker-compose was removed from the location after the uninstall.

Hope this helps.

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