I would like to add a logo to AutoCAD. This logo is a PNG with transparent background.

If I attached the file, it keeps the transparent background, but I need to keep the png file because it is an external reference.

The other option is to paste the image from paint, the steps are:

1.- Open the png in paint, select all and copy. 2.- In AutoCAD, insert OLE object and choose the paintbrush object. This opens a new window of paint. 3.- I select all in and in the select tool I select a transparent background. 4.- It removes the background in paint, but when it is inserted in AutoCAD, it still keeps the white background.

So I don't know how to embed a PNG file with transparent background in AutoCAD.

How could I do it?

I am using Autocad 2021.


  • If you want to have the image displayed transparent globally put it on a layer and set this layer's property "Transparency" to a value > 0 and make sure that sysvar TRANSPARENCY is on for the display and in the plot dialog the checkbox for "Plot transparency" is activated.
    – Gantendo
    Feb 10 at 9:56


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