I downloaded CUDA 11 to run some heavy (and I mean it, heavy) DL model training tasks that use low memory (2GB). I'm rocking a 3070 Ti with 8GB. However in task manager I can see CUDA utilization is at 98%, and my 3D is about 20%. However when I play Fortnite/Rocket league my GPU temperature remains the same, CUDA remains the same, 3D goes up to 70/80%, and yet my FPS remain a constant 144 at the Max settings of both games, as if there is 0 FPS effects. So my question is how is this possible? What are CUDA cores exactly and are they not the same used for rendering graphics? I did read and they say that CUDA is a way to access Shaders, but AFAIK Shaders are also a requirement in games. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Updated with a link to Task Manager and GPU-Z


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Found the answer due to helpful users on reddit: The specific application I was using has a load balancer that prioritizes full-screen apps.

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