I would sure like to be able to type "python" on my command line instead of C:\Python27\python.exe. So to that end I'm trying to get the environment variable set up for myself.

Problem is, I can't seem to get the Python system environment variable to set up on my Windows 7 install. So far I have (as variable PYTHONPATH):


Not sure why that won't work. I've tried with a trailing semicolon and without, with backslashes at the end of the folders, and everything. What am I doing wrong?


You need to set the Python directory as your PATH, not PYTHONPATH. The latter is a separate variable that Python uses. Also, you only need the main directory (C:\Python27).

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  • Awesome. That's something none of the little pseudo-tutorials told me :P – Brian Hicks Aug 1 '10 at 23:15

Control Panel>System

Advanced Settings (Hyperlink-like-text) brings up the XP "System" dialog.

Under the Advanced Tab: Environment Variables button

In the Environment Variables Dialog

you can add it to the PATH variable as a User variable or System Variable.

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  • Windows 7, not XP. – Hello71 Aug 1 '10 at 23:12
  • 1
    That is for Windows 7 – Cor Aug 1 '10 at 23:16

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