The Open compute project has different types of projects for open rack.

The following is the types (family) of OpenRack mentioned in open compute contributions.

  1. OpenRack v2
  2. OpenRack
  3. OpenRack v1

Following is the link. I have filtered for rack.


So, it can be understood that OpenRack v1 is older spec than OpenRack v2 from name itself.

But where does OpenRack stand? Can we consider it later than v2?

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Where does only OpenRack stand? Can we consider it later than v2?


RACK Standards

A rack developed by any supplier that is certified as OCP compliant provides a consistent interface between for the IT gear it supports. The latest version of the standard is below:

Available Files           Version     Submit Date     Contributor     License
Open Rack Specification   2.2         OCT 19          Open Rack       OCPHL-P

Source: Open Rack/SpecsAndDesigns - OpenCompute

  • okk. so not later than v2, why it has been in different family then? I am unable to get that you have answered my main problem statement though. Mar 1 at 12:42

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