Is it possible to pause and play a video in the VLC media player using any keyboard shortcut (w/o using any mouse) when I am working in another window? For example, say I am reading a PDF while a video is running in the VLC media player. Is it possible to pause and play the video w/o minimizing the PDF reader?

I tried to get a solution by searching in the web but couldn't find one.

OS: Windows 10

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  • Open VLC, go to Tools -> Preferences.
  • Click on Hotkeys
  • Find Play/Pause action. Click on the its row at the Global column. Set a key (see image below). Space is set as the global key.
  • Restart VLC. Whenever you press the key you set, VLC will play/pause.

Note: I set Space as the global key as an example. Please choose, select the key carefully as it might interfere with other apps.

VLC Preferences - Hotkeys

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