As in the title, i cannot boot into windows because it does not show up as an boot entry. I just wiped all my linux partitions to reinstall and reorder them. I did not touch the windows drive.

My suspicion is that the win bootloader for whatever reason got installed onto my fedora drive, which i just wiped.

My old layout:

# Windows
600M EFI
6M Unknown
600M EFI # Why twice? idk
240G Windows Data

# Fedora
500M EFI
628M Unknown
1M Bios Boot
120G /

# Other
128M EFI
1M Bios Boot
300G / # Arch

128M EFI
1M Bios Boot
600G / # Gentoo

NOTE: All values are estimated from what i remember seeing in the windows drive manager
(not sure what its correct name is) and lsblk.

What i've done:

I wiped Fedora, Arch and Gentoo (or rather the drives) with cfdisk /dev/sdb # and /dev/sdd, deleted all partitions and then did wipefs -f /dev/sdb # and /dev/sdd.

I cant mount the windows partition and access the data.

Can i restore the bootloader, maybe with a recovery stick of windows?

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    Yes, a Windows recovery disk can do Startup Repair. See link.
    – harrymc
    Mar 8 at 15:38

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Your assumption is valid: installing Linux installed a "hook", i.e., grub, in the booting process, so that grub(2) points to either Linux or Windows. Though you could manually modify filenames to change the boot order, it's easier to use a tool to fix it. Before trying this, make a disk image lest repairs cause data loss.


Since you have the Recovery disk, you may run Startup Repair.

You need to boot into Advanced Startup > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Repair.

For more information and screenshots, see the article How to Run a Startup Repair in Windows 10.

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