What date formats will Excel recognize as dates?

I've been using Jul 30/10 11:41:10 but Excel doesn't recognize this as a date.

I don't want to apply a function to the value, I just want to open the CSV file in Excel and "have it work". So I can change the format as needed, just want to know what the valid date format options are.

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    what system locale do you have? I think, you must enter the date according to your locale. Aug 2, 2010 at 13:29

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Netme is correct, the options are based on your locale.

If you click on a cell in Excel, and hit CTRL+1 (format cells), then go to the first tab and select the DATE category, it will list the valid options. It will also give you option to change locales.

edit - What is your source file? I know you said CSV but what system does it originate from?

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