As I mentioned in a previous question, I'm trying to shrink my primary hard drive to split it into another partition. I'm getting the following message as a result.

The last unmovable file appears to be: \$BadClus:$Bad:$DATA

Is there any way to move this?


Windows has certain files that are unmovable while you are booted into the OS, I would try defragging and compacting the files by connecting the hard drive to another PC and running a complete defrag of the offline drive. Then put it back in the original PC and try the shrink again.

Another method to use is a third party partitioning tool from a boot disk.

  • +1; and I'd like to suggest a 3rd party tool - GParted from a Live CD. I once used exactly that to punt an entire Vista partition along by ~200Gb to make space for Win7 at the start of the disk. It took ages, but did the job. Just be careful... – DMA57361 Aug 2 '10 at 15:26

Of course you can't do anything with it. It's a list of bad pieces of the disk. Since it represents a physical reality there's nothing you can do about it.


I would run spinrite. The hard drive is capable of logically swapping out bad sectors like the one in the error. I had the same problem where I couldn't resize a partition.

You could always make an image backup, reformat, reimage, and then do the move.


A bit late to the game, but I had this happening on a PC this week.

My solution was to:

  1. boot the GParted live CD http://gparted.org/livecd.php
  2. start GParted in UI mode (you might want to use the safe mode which uses the VGA screen drivers)
  3. find out which device (like /dev/sda4) your partition is on
  4. clean the bad sector markings from a terminal using the command sudo ntfsfix -b /dev/sda4
  5. boot into Windows
  6. through an administrative command prompt, force a checkdisk on the drive chkdisk E: /F (reboot if Windows asks for it)
  7. shrink the partition (I used UltraDefrag and MyDefrag for this)
  8. resize using the diskmgmt.msc
  9. allocate a new NTFS partition with a new drive letter (for instance X:) on it
  10. on an administrative command prompt, verify for bad sectors (chkdsk X: /B) which can take a few hours.

I got the fix steps via https://askubuntu.com/questions/403434/removing-a-bad-sector-from-an-ntfs-partition-badblocks-gave-me-an-output-now-w/403490#403490

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