I'm having a problem with Chrome on a Ubuntu netbook edition install. Every time I restart Chrome the "Default search" option list has cleared. I can do 'Manage' and add google back in, but if I stop and start Chrome, the list is empty again.

I'm running the stable version of Chrome and this has been like this for months now.

Anyone had a similar issue or know what could possibly cause this?

I've tried to reinstall chrome, run the unstable version and various other things I hoped would make the problem go away. None of that worked. I'd prefer a solution that actually finds the underlying issue and fixes it.


Reinstalling or clearing profile just seems to work until the next restart. Apparently the issue is known and people work on it: - http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=10913


May be its a simple setting that is giving you problems.
Try: Settings -> Options -> {Then set your home page}
if that doesn't work simply reinstall. I think that should do it :)


I ended up deleting ~/.config/google-chrome/Default starting chrome after that creates a new profile, meaning all bookmarks history and everything is gone. Now it works.

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