As of Chrome 90, there is a built-in feature under "(three dots menu) > More tools > Name window..." which allows you to rename a window. This can be very handy for a multitude of reasons, such as Alt+Tab recognition, among other such as targeting specific Chrome instances for capturing and recording or live streaming.

Is there any way to launch Chrome with a custom name already set for that instance (such as a command-line argument)? If not, how would I go about automating the setting of this, such as through a F12 > Console script, or javascript: bookmarklet, which I could then invoke as part of the CLI launch?

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Seriously. I need this too. With many chrome windows all running different profiles, setting it to the profile name would be fantastic, or, even better:


to differentiate additional use cases.

Does not appear to be supported: https://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/



--window-name="whatever" works with Chrome 120.0.6099.71 on Mac OS. For example:

open -na 'Google Chrome' --args --window-name="Hi Bob" --new-window https://www.google.com

..click the "Window" menu. "Hi Bob" should be listed with the open windows at the bottom of the dropdown.

As of 2023-12-14, this arg was listed in (added to?) the link that Bruce Edge provided:


Specify the initial window user title: --window-name="My custom title"

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