The issue started after installing Windows 11 (It was fine in Windows 10).

Every 5-10 minutes, I lose focus on active window. It's annoying esp when I am on full-screen mode.

I started trying writing a random word and pressing Enter when that happens. I notice the Edge browser opens with that word as the keyword on bing search.

Note: My default browser is set to Chrome.

How do I find the culprit?


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Thank you @ClioCJS for the program.

I also found that mstsc is stealing focus.

As described here: my issue was also connected to WSLg.

In this article I found the way to stop wsl:

wsl --shutdown

I also created '.wslconfig' in the user profile folder file with the following content:


Docker crashed, but I will figure it out later. Everything is ok for now.

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I have a focus-monitor.exe that outputs to the console the filename of each process that takes focus. It's very useful for this situation.

If you would like to try it, I posted it here: https://mega.nz/file/4Y8nnbSa#Pnw97sQz8bRM_bXjlrcYT_HGiaBd4kdY_6DNq0T7FWE


Hard to tell. There are options like running another app to log focus changes and find the issue there.

I was lucky that I was also getting errors in JetBrains Rider app about ADB (Android Debug Bridge) crashing/restarting constantly.

I checked the event logs (EventViewer) and noticed the same: event log

The are all about ADB crashing and starting.

I head to a terminal and run adb server manually and seems like fine as long as that terminal is open (i.e I don't get focus loss any more).

Sorry if this does not explain much about your case but probably yet another case of focus stealing issues.


Thank you to @ClioCJS that little exe helped me find out that mstsc.exe was stealing my window focus allowing me to find this issue:


I tried the steps suggested by Jaspreet.Singh_050 by ultimately a reboot resolved the issue for me. In my case, I suppose Remote Desktop Manager would have caused this.

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