I have a Linux based MCU device that's connected using USB into which I'm flashing a boot or system image using fastboot. On an ubuntu host machine, I use fastboot with root permissions via sudo

adb reboot bootloader
sudo fastboot flash <partition> <image>
sudo fastboot reboot

and it works, however when I attempt the same on Windows command line using as an admin (without sudo ofcourse, I don't see anything in response to fastboot devices

adb devices
// does show the device ID

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot devices 
// nothing shows up

sudo fastboot flash <partition> <image>
< waiting for device >

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Solution: Update the android driver

  • enter the device into fastboot mode
  • download this into your local drive
  • go into device manager, select the Android device in device manager
  • update its driver path to that of what you just downloaded

For reference.

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I was stuck on this same problem with an nvidia shield. I cam across a few threads that stated that after a somewhat recent windows update made fastboot no longer work. IDK is thats for all devices or just for shield but ended us running a linux vm to solve my issue.

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