I have an HTPC connected with an HDTV through a receiver, and sometimes when turning the TV on, the refresh rate is set to 23hz instead of my setting of 60hz

  • OS: Vista Home Premium (32bit).
  • Graphics card: nVidia 8800GT, driver version release 6/10/2009.
  • Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR705.
  • HDTV: Samsung 50" DLP HLT5087SAX.
  • Connection: DVI -> HDMI cable to receiver, HDMI -> HDMI receiver to TV.

This setup has been up and running for a year and a half now without this issue until recently. I think it might have been the latest nVidia driver update. It might be only happening when the Official Netflix plugin for Media Center is running. Those are the only "recent" changes I can think of that might have an effect.

I do not have anything set to automatically put the display or computer to sleep; I manually turn the TV off when I'm done watching. It should just run all the time at the setting I specify, but often when I turn it on, there it is at 23hz. I think it has done this when Media Center is in other views/plugins than Netflix, but I don't recall exactly.


Updating the video driver to the latest from nvidia's site seems to have resolve the issue. The previous drivers were the WHQL version that Vista automatically picked up.

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