i am trying to build an instnace by using an OVA import from my Cloud Storage.

By executing the command :

gcloud compute instances import myinstance --project myProject --byol --source-uri=gs://myBucket/myova.ova

I do get the Error :

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.import)
FAILED_PRECONDITION: generic::failed_precondition: no
concurrent builds quota available to create builds.

By checking the Quotas i can't find anything related to that. Which one should be increades and how ? Can someone explain me what does cause this ERROR ? And how i fix it ?

I have checked the Limit "Concurrent Build Limit" in my Quotas. It is set to 10. That's the maximum.

My Account has enabled billing and i get charged every month.

I would appreciate your help an thank you in Advance. Kind Regards,


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I'll preface this by saying I'm a complete GCP noob. I have been struggling with this issue for the last couple of weeks and just managed to fix it. In my case, I had a CloudBuild trigger set up to listen to pushes to the master branch in my repo, but the build was created under a specific region. Everytime a build was triggered, I would get the same error.

What I did to fix it was: I created a new build trigger, but left the region as "global". If your billing account is set up properly, it may also be a case of adjusting the region setting. Good luck

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  • This worked for me as well, I think this is related to Google Cloud Build not working for some regions
    – cjohansson
    Jul 24 at 8:40

I can confirm what HovrCat posted. I tried the same and for some reason when creating a new trigger with the region set to "global" it works

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