I'm running VLC on my laptop and controlling it via its web interface on my phone. There is a button in the UI that I can click to jump backwards by 30 seconds, which I've circled in red:

30 seconds is too long for what I'm doing; I want to be able to seek 10 seconds backwards. (I'm watching a foreign language show and frequently need to skip back to repeat the last sentence of dialog).

How can I configure the amount of time that this button skips by?

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The 30 second skip duration is hard-coded into the file mobile.html, which is the source file for the web remote control UI. So there is likely no setting to change it.

A work-around is to edit the file mobile.html and change the values -30S and +30S to e.g. -10S and +10S. I tried this and it worked. On my system (Arch Linux) the file mobile.html is located at /usr/share/vlc/lua/http/mobile.html, but it will vary depending on your OS.

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