I'd like to create a trigger to copy a file attachement of one my entry to be copied to disk upon KeePass2.x DB Opening

The triggers manual says: trigger field can point to the data using a field reference.

Field Reference Manual explains the syntax to retrieve a "password" of "my entry"':
{REF:P@T:my entry}

I'd like to be able to do something like:
file: %comspec%
Argument: /c copy {REF:F:my_file.txt@T:My Entry title} C:\destination

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The KeePass team told me that it could be done by KPScript file but you need knowledge in C++ and the KeePass internals

So what I ended up doing is to create a new entry with the content of the file in Notes and the destination path in URL and my trigger is
file: powershell.exe

-Command "Set-Content '{REF:A@I:4EADD152156165924CD9246A651D}' '{REF:N@I:4EADDB3BD09E0456416514CD9246A651D}'"

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