I have an embedded Linux device which connects to wifi. It is configured with DHCP and configured to use a specific DNS server. The current configuration works.

However, I want to remove the DNS configuration and let DHCP give me an automatic DNS (this can be done along with IP response as far as I understand). When I remove the nameserver from /etc/resolv.conf I am able to ping but name resolution does not work.

nslookup: write to '': Connection refused

I'm probably missing some configuration. Can anyone help? I'm using wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd (we are not running network-manager/bind etc). Do I need additional daemon or is this just a configuration issue?

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The DNS server address has to be written to the /etc/resolv.conf file. That's where programs expect to find it – there is no other standard place that dhcpcd would store the DHCP-provided server addresses; all DHCP clients need to update the resolv.conf file.

(If your /etc is read-only, the file can be a symlink to somewhere in /run or /tmp.)

dhcpcd will automatically update /etc/resolv.conf using the dhcpcd-hooks/20-resolv.conf hook script that comes as part of a standard dhcpcd installation. Make sure this script and the general dhcpcd-run-hooks script are present in your embedded system.

(On my system these scripts are at /usr/lib/dhcpcd, but the path might vary depending on compile options.)

  • brilliant! it works-thanks!. I should have read more carefully the hooks section.. May 6 at 8:31

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